16 Jan

There’s something about this natural disaster that has grabbed my heart and continues to shake it every time I try to think of something else. I don’t remember ever feeling this way towards another disaster that has been far away. The ones I can remember being Katrina, tsunamis in places around the world.. I mean I’m sure there’s plenty and I’ve always seen them, said a prayer for the people and moved on with my life. I may have seen updates and heard the bad things going on and I never blew them off, but I didn’t do much more with it then 5 or so minutes of thought. But this earthquake in Haiti has shown something different. I can’t stop thinking about it and crying out for the people. Maybe it’s because I’m older. Maybe it’s because everything I’m learning right now and for the past five months or so has been about suffering and compassion and even what to do in natural disasters. I’m in a class about that right now. It’s weird to talk about what you will do compared to what you could be doing this instant. Or how things could be better if it used to be like this, but it wasn’t so now it’s not. What do you do with that kind of thing? Maybe it’s because I’ve found more personal stories. It’s hit home a little more. A family that I knew of, sang in a choir with the oldest boy, were so close to adopting two little girls from Port-au-Prince. So close that their bags were packed and the girls room all set up. Breaks my heart they were so close from being away from chaos. The orphanage that they are in was on CNN tonight and is a pretty interesting story. You can read about it at http://thatschurch.com/. I know my God is big enough to handle this. I know He is capable of healing and fixing this nation. Until then I beg you to cry out for them with me.


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