slowing down

26 Feb

i go at fast pace a lot. there are many times when i don’t need to go as fast as i do, i just do. i think of all the things i could do if i just hurried up and finished this or that. i had to run to the grocery store this afternoon, which i’ve become a big fan of. i had no agenda. no list, just things in mind and just mosied around. i went through aisles i didn’t need to, just to look. i looked at things i normally wouldn’t consider (example: banana chips. which i ended up getting). and just.. relaxed. at the grocery store. i know, this sounds crazy, but it was so nice. there wasn’t a care in the world, just many options and people to watch. as i was leaving i just felt.. calm. accomplished, productive and not rushed. it was a great feeling.


One Response to “slowing down”

  1. Elizabeth February 27, 2010 at 4:48 am #

    Banana chips are delicious!

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