all things new

18 Jun

the wave crashes onto the shore. it rolls out, towards the sand. anything written on or on the top layer of the sand will be pulled back into the vast sea. as the wave rolls in, what’s left is a clean slate. fresh sand. holes filled in.

i’m realizing more and more that when i seek the truth of who God is, it is like the sand on the shore. what was there. any lie that was there, anything that was written in the sand previously will be wiped away. and when wiped away, a fresh slate will be left. one that is new. one that has been filled in. not all the sand is wiped away. the foundation, the bottom will always be there. but anything that snuck on top of the foundation, all it takes is one rolling wave to cleanse my soul, replace with truth and leave a fresh slate to run on.

He is true. He is faithful. and He is for me. His truth stands. with holds all waves. but the lies. they stand no chance when up against the strength of His truth. His character.

behold, He is making all things new.


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