thankful thoughts 3

3 Nov

today is a great day. you know, one of those days where it is the simple stuff that makes life so rich. absolutely beautiful weather, friends who work out with you at 6 am, great coffee with someone who has squeezed more wisdom and encouragement into our time together than anyone i’ve ever known, fun class, mind blowing revelation from Jesus (He is freedom. you can’t seperate the two. He says He lives in me and He says He is freedom. there is no seperation. seriously. just stop there and think about that!!) and then lunch. and lunch is where my inspiration for today’s thankful thought came from.

you know those people in life that when you try to explain your friendship to other people it just doesn’t make sense. Like, there’s really no reason for you to be close friends on paper, but it’s just something about that person that clicks. that every time you see that person you just know they have your back. that they love you and support you. well, this person has come in and out of my path multiple times, and along the way I’ve known my life is better because of all of the crossings.

i love bailey enough to post an embarrassing picture. this, my friends, is a woman worthy of honor. since the day i’ve known her, i knew there was something incredible about this sweet friend. bailey knows how to live life. she is fun. you are never bored around her, there are no awkward lulls, just fun. she makes you laugh and really listens. she is the easiest person to engage in a conversation. you can talk to bailey about anything! she is trustworthy and so encouraging. she cheers me on for the most serious and silly things. (example: haiti and stark reality 😉 she puts so much value on the things i do. she is always so interested in the things that interest me and makes me feel like she wants to know about my life. there’s something so genuine about her all of the time! she is a woman of confidence and beauty! i’ve known bailey since middle school and she has felt like family ever since. i am so glad she came to baylor. waco is so much better off because of it! we’ve come a long way since middle school 🙂


One Response to “thankful thoughts 3”

  1. Anonymous November 3, 2011 at 11:20 pm #

    Okay, Kelcy. Do you know how thankful I am that you are a part of my daughter's life? You are such an inspiration, encouragement, role model in her life. I am grateful for you and to you. You are a blessing to our whole family. And just as a P.S. about silly Bailey memories…."Are those bats?" -Love, Kathy

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