thankful thoughts 4

5 Nov

you know those subjects that just get you going? that you get all worked up about and can’t stop dreaming about. those things that you want to fix but you know you can’t, but you know you’re on the winning team. that it is out of your control yet you get to do something, be involved. i’m pretty sure emily and i are some of the few 21 year olds who walk the beartrail and spend the whole time talking africa, haiti, nonprofits and microfinance. week after week after week. but it brings us so much joy. that is why today’s thankful thought is dedicated to the infamous e.kir.

emily and i met as we adventured to rwanda together. this is a very fitting place for us to meet. emily is a woman of adventure marked by a heart bigger than texas (and we all know how big that is). this woman is a woman of ACTION. seriously. i am consistantly challenged by her. i am really great at dreaming, but emily puts legs to dreams consistantly. she gets fired up about things and then actually does something about it. she loves people with a deep, genuine love. one that is very rare in this world. she loves the individual so well, and so uniquely. this girl brought a poloroid to rwanda with us and took pictures of our friends and gave it to them. some of my favorite pictures came from that poloroid. exhibit a:

life is so good being emily’s friend. she is hilarious. and witty. and fun. and full of spunk. she doesn’t see impossibilities and she is marked by humility. lives have already been impacted, and the impact has only begun. em’s life is anything but boring, full to the brim. she is one of my absolute favorite people to dream with. she is a rare find and i am so, so thankful to call her friend. and muzungu. 🙂


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