thankful thoughts 9

9 Nov

I still remember the summer day, sitting in the upstairs apartment, a place that became quite familiar that summer. we were just talking and some how the meaning of names came up. we get to this friend and the sigh comes – “boring!” she proclaims. until the idea comes… why not see what THAT means. i sure don’t know my plants so when the meaning of her name was a tree, i figured we’d see what kind of tree it was. and i could not think of a more perfect tree to describe this friend of mine.

A linden tree has a sturdy trunk that makes it stand like a pillar, it’s branches divide and subdivide making it have numerous limbs. It is covered in rich large leaves, which just so happen to be in the shape of hearts. the fruit of that trea hangs from a ribbon-like stemp which LAUNCHES the seeds beyond the parent tree and it grows rapidly in rich soil. yes, how about that for a meaning of a name. also, for the past year or so everytime i ask God what he thinks about this friend, i normally hear the same thing. in the busyness of life and in the rush of things to do it’s easy for me to forget the things God has spoken. i’m so thankful he loves to remind my heart – lindsey is a woman who has received beauty instead of ashes, joy instead of mourning and praise instead of a heavy, burdened and failing spirit. she is called an oak of righteousness (lofty, strong, and magnificent, distinguished for uprightness, justice and right standing with God. She has been planted of hte Lord that He may be glorified. (isaiah 61:3). seriously, what a friend i have. she is strong, like a pillar. she is courageous. she’s not afraid to ask hard questions and she doesn’t mess around with sin or anything that doesn’t make her look straight at Jesus. Anything that gets in the way she calls out faster than it got there. this woman was one of the few that got in there, through layers of shame and spoke to my soul that i was worth knowing about. that truth about how i’m feeling and how i’m doing doesn’t change my identity. it doesn’t make me unwanted or undesired. this is huge. that summer we spent together leading summer lifegroup together was one of the biggest breakthroughs of my life in learning that it is okay to be weak, to be vulnerable. that my identity is not based in those things anyway. lindsey and i are both pretty fiesty. some times i may not show it or say it nearly enough but i am so thankful for lindsey. i am thankful for the girl who randomly sat accross from my freshman year at orientation, who then later became one of my favorite people to war with. for she is warring for a cause that is eternal and bigger than herself. and she walks in victory. she knows her inheritance and she lives every day claiming it as hers. she knows who she is and that she has been made a pillar that bears good fruit. seeds are launched from her leaves of love. as cheesy as it sounds it is so true of her life. love you linds, and so so thankful for you.


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