thankful thoughts 24

24 Nov

HAPPPPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope yours is filled with love, laughter, great food, even better memories and a full, thankful heart! I am about to kick mine off with 3.5 hours in the car, but it will be worth it because at the end will be my sweet, sweet family. I couldn’t list off thankful thoughts without including my parents! it was a hard toss up on who to do first, but because mom does most of the cooking for today, I thought i would honor her 🙂 dad, you’ll have to wait for tomorrow!

i don’t know about your mom, but my mom has shaped and impacted over a thousand kids. easy, probably a couple thousand. my mom is an incredible teacher. the kids who come into her class leave more loved, more mature, more kind, more repectable, and way smarter. she has a way with kids that teaches them life skills along with brain skills. she has seen many kids go from failing tests to acing tests as she cares about each student. she’s not a cookie cutter teacher, but she sincerely cares about each one and each success. the amont of love and compassion that she has for these kids and families is unmatchable. she is incredible.

but not only is she incredible in the classroom she is an incredible mumma. she is the most consistant, selfless servant i have ever met. she has sacrificed time and energy for me my whole life. i want to raise money for awaken, so i decide i want to knit headbands. she wants to help and knits until her hands practically fall off. she takes it on herself to raise money for my haiti trip and makes tons of sets of cards to sell and sells them at school and at my dads work. she supports me in the things i’m dreaming of, both in spirit and physically. it is incredible! she sends me cards at school and study packages during finals. she’s always calling on her way home from school even though without fail i probably won’t be able to answer but she loves to leave messages about how she loves me. i love those. she cares about the things i care about and listens to my rants and big dreams and brings some reality into those dreams. it is a great balance. she gave me my love of the ocean and the simple joy of reading by the waves. she is faithful in what she’s been given. i am so thankful to call her mumma.


One Response to “thankful thoughts 24”

  1. Marie November 24, 2011 at 2:09 pm #

    You made your mumma cry…you are my joy, my treasure and "my favorite daughter!" Your heart convicts my heart.

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