thankful thoughts 25

25 Nov

woohoo!! happy decorate for christmas day šŸ™‚ and happy thankful for my dad day!

my dad is the best. but really, he really is. i have learned so much about the heart of God from my dad. his patience and love and compassion is ridiculous. i can be ridiculous. i can doubt, i can get emotional, i can lose sight of truth. but my dad is always there, not frusterated with me like i think he should be, but patient and consistant in speaking only what the truth is. that God really is who He says He is. that He really wants to do what He says He will do. my dad is a man of humor, passion and action. he is so stirred for the things that are bigger than himself and because of that is always seeking out the things of heaven. he has been on the glory to glory journey. he’s gone the low road, the hard places and he’s met Jesus in those places. he sought out restoration and healing for our family in his younger days before we even existed. he sought Jesus and was restored. he broke off generational sin and because of that me and keegan have walked behind him in a track of holiness and purity. he went down the road not yet gone in our family. i am forever thankful. because of the way my dad fought for life in peace and life, lives abiding in the spirit, my family now gets to walk down that road and not one of selfishness and destruction. he continues to go from glory to glory, seeing favor come his way and opportunities full of life come to his doorstep. i love dreaming with him and pushing through the hard time for truth. dad, you are incredible. you have done well. you are deeply loved. your Dad is proud of you. šŸ™‚ and so is your daughter!


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