thankful thoughts 26

26 Nov

jenny is a gem. a few days ago we went for a run and she took me on one of the prettiest trails ever. you would have no idea it was in waco! but i came to realize just how thankful i am for such a friend!

jenny is one of the most genuinely intentional people i have ever met. she is intentional with her time, her attention, her resources, her questions, the things she pours herself into. she wants the best in each one. she goes for the fullest, most lifegiving and goes for those things. she’s not impressed by big and shiny but can find the best things in the smallest things. what others easily cast off as useless, jenny is able to see spectacular things in. it never ceases to amaze me what jenny can find in things i easily throw to the side. she is consistant, commited and pushes me even when i don’t want to. weeks and weeks of p90x and insanity are plenty of testiment to that. i literally couldn’t have finished either without jenny’s consistancy and encouragement. she is faithful to the things she says and knows how to make little things special and memorable. i am so thankful i get to live life with her!


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