thankful thoughts 30

30 Nov

i can’t believe this is the last day of thankful thoughts. i can’t believe the richness of friendship in my life. i am thankful. there are so many more people i could have included in these thoughts as well. there is so much and so many to be thankful for. God has been generous. extremely generous. i am blown away by the people who have crossed my path.

to end things off, i figured it’d be appropriate to honor one of my dearest friends. who brought many memories in my time in lincoln and has been a great friend for so many years. i’ve laughed more, i’ve trusted more, and i’ve grown more because i’ve been friends with arica.

arica is a woman of beauty. she loves deeply and fully. she laughs all the time and the most beautiful sound in the world comes out of her mouth as she sings. she is fun, she is dependable to be able to quote most disney movies, she is full of life, she is loyal. she is a great, great friend. anyone who is friends with her can agree. there is nothing like being friends with arica. she will love you and be there for you. she will care about you and listens well. she is generous and always wanting to have fun. and dancing all of the time. she literally dances more than she walks 🙂 bah i feel like i’m saying the same things over and over but she is just so great 🙂 there are few like her and i’m so glad i get to be her friend!! even far away and with long times in between our catch ups. it’s so worth it!


2 Responses to “thankful thoughts 30”

  1. kayleemarie November 30, 2011 at 2:25 pm #

    I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!! beautifully said, kelcy 🙂

  2. Arica November 30, 2011 at 7:08 pm #

    Kelcy! YOU are so wonderful! This was the sweetest post in the world! Thank you so so much, I love you very much and pray that we will get to see each other again soon!

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