Be a question asker. My thoughts on Kony 2012.

7 Mar

I love passion.  Don’t get me wrong. I get stirred up by people who see injustice and do something about it! I love action oriented people.  But over the past couple of years, I’ve learned some crucial things.

1. Smart actions are way better than simply good intentioned actions.  Not all things are helpful, and a lot of the times, the things we think are helping could actually be more harmful.

2. It is important to not just get caught up in a movement. (I am totally screaming this to myself here).  It is really easy to hear one thing, and lose the bigger picture. Think critically and get informed.

3. Asking questions is not a bad thing!  Start talking.  Talk to your friends about it.  When we come together is when change happens.  I feel like there is a misconception that questions means you are making out the organization to be the bad guy or directly against what they’re doing.  Asking questions allows you to get a fuller picture of the situation.  Watch your tone and don’t get too defensive.  Don’t jump on one side too quickly.  Ask questions and don’t get offended when people do ask questions.  Listen well, and think through the questions for yourself.

4. Knowing your values is HUGE! For me, I believe the church is the strongest, most necessary change agent in the world.  That being said, I want to know how the church can be involved.  Kingdom justice is the kind of justice I want to spend my life fighting for.  Knowing your values can help you determine who to support and how.

5. Dream big and do something if this really is what you think is best.  Don’t just jump on the bandwagon, but run.  You have a voice. Use it!

I have been a huge advocate of Invisible Children since middle school.  I love the way they have not given up on a dream.  If you haven’t seen it yet, please spend some time and watch:

But after watching, I was left with some questions:

1. How will getting Kony arrested solve this problem?  I’m having a hard time connecting this one arrest to a solution to all of the problems that have been created in this very long war.  Kony must have plenty of men who can continue this without him, and what happens to current soliders?  What about past soldiers?  How do we end the LRA with one arrest?  ICC and Ugandan courts do not have the capacity of catch and try all of the people involved in commiting human right violations.  Also, what happens when he is arrested?  Who will try him?  Where will he be kept?  How can we insure justice in his trial?

2. If Kony has moved to other states, as shown quickly in the video, how is the Ugandan military best armed for this capture?  What jurisdiciton do they have in Southern Sudan and DRC?  Also, if we know Kony’s tactics are changing, how are we responding to this? It seems like this plan is a continuation of what was started Oct 2011.

3. How will plastering posters everywhere keep US military in Uganda?  What is the connection between making sure everyone knows who Kony is and his arrest?   I know they explained it some in the video, but Obama sent advisors without Kony’s face plastered everywhere.  We are trying to get the attention of people whose attention we already have.  Is there something more powerful we could be doing?

4.  The video claimed many times that no one knows who Kony is – but it seems like that’s actually not true.  Invisible Children has been showing these videos for 11 years, they showed how our government is well aware, and ICC is involved.  How will this movement be different from IC’s last movement?  And how can this knowledge be a jumping point forward more than previous IC videos have been?

These are just thoughts and questions that came up when watching Kony 2012 for the first time.  Here are some articles that think critically about this campaign:

I’m not saying I have the right answers, let alone any answers.  I just want to know what I’m supporting, and I think it’s important you do to!  Think bigger, dream more impossibles, and act with knowledge not passion alone!  Pray and get God’s heart on the matter.  Seek Him and what He says about justice!  He knows the answers to the complexity.  If nothing else, let this stir to you to pray.  That is how we are going to see lasting change and solutions happen and dreams become realities.

*** Invisible Children just posted this response to their critiques:

Very interesting and definitely answers some of the questions I had! I am thankful for the way IC empowers people! I just want to know more about the solution I am asked to support – for me, this information is what I wanted to see in the video.  Know what you’re going to support and why!  Questions get you there.


2 Responses to “Be a question asker. My thoughts on Kony 2012.”

  1. anna elsa March 7, 2012 at 9:01 pm #

    these are great things to search through and think/pray about! good thoughts. love you, kelcy.

  2. Kasidy March 15, 2012 at 12:28 am #

    thankful for your faithful and inquisitive heart! you are such a learner and you humbly challenge others to do the same.
    you rock!

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