i am set free

29 Apr

freedom is contagious. there’s a depth, a beauty, a draw that brings people to wonder and want more. freedom allows you to do things you’d never think possible and experience places you never knew existed. one of my best friends used this song for her fashion show. her collection, the fruit of her labor, was showcased for all to see with this playing in the background. and it was also the song we worshiped to after her baptism. i am so proud of her. and i am so honored to be apart and in the know of her freedom story. but it got me thinking of how incredible freedom is. how it’s looked so different for me and my friends. it’s the same God, the same truths and the same freedom – but it has looked different and come to fruition so differently for all of us. and it’s because it’s a merciful God who gives freedom. who seeks out our hearts and so willingly breaks off any and all chains. He knows our hearts and is so after our hearts. i have been set free for freedom. not for obedience. not so that He has something to hold over my head and hold me to. but because I am so deeply loved in my significant imperfections. I have been loved so deeply that I have been set free.


One Response to “i am set free”

  1. Kasidy April 29, 2012 at 7:29 pm #

    wow. so honored to stand next to you through all of it. the depth of freedom that i have experienced since we first splatter painted toms in the basement of kokernot is beyond me. i have loved watching you be set free and set others free. you inspire me! i love you!

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