birthday countdown: 4

24 May

4. January 2012. Staff retreat

the oasis

I have loved my 2 years of CLing, but this year was different.  I was CLM, which meant more responsbility and new perspectives.  Our staff went through major rough spots before finding our sweet spot, but our sweet spot was extra sweet.  Strangers became family and this retreat was the beginning of the sweetness.  I mean, just look at where we were at!

we gave this golf cart a run for it’s money… late into the night.

made omlettes in a bag

and dairy free pizza 🙂

cuddled with this cute nugget

and took staff pictures

We got to do lots of fun things but my favorite was the life stories.  It’s crazy what you think you know about people but to hear about their life from their perspective.  I am so thankful for this group of people, obviously Heaven picked, although it took a little longer to realize that 😉 These people have taught me how to love and laugh.

the oasis got a second visit from the arbors fam in april and these babies got put to good use. 🙂

when talking about my staff, the bluebonnet pictures have to be included!


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