things learned in haiti – take two

26 Jun

So, last year the best way I figured out how to sum up an amazing trip to beautiful Haiti was through a list of things I learned (you can find it here).  So year two, I figure I’ll do the same! Here are 20 things I learned in 7 days with 10 of the best people and one heck of a long term team.


1. Haitian mangos are still heaven on earth – and even more so during mango season, which we were in the PRIME of. seriously messy delicious GOODNESS.


2. we are blessed to need God.

3. Erika can still bring down the house. still one of my favorite times of the trip was her talk. SO MUCH WISDOM. including the nugget in lesson #2.

4. Haitians love jokes. one year later and they’re still using the jokes we came up with last time I was there! (tres bien!)

5. God plans things for us that go way beyond anything we could think or imagine. I had no idea half the stuff coming at us were about to come and yet He fully prepared our hearts and we experienced Him so much nearer and clearer than we ever could other wise.

6. It’s always worth it to press in during hard times. always. His presence is more faithful than any confusion! My heart is sure now that no matter the location, circumstance or season, the presence of God is always the place I want to be.

7. We get to be apart of something BIG.  Seriously.  God of the universe allows us to peek into and participate in His glory. WHAT AN HONOR.

8. worship coming from an iphone is still powerful.  it’s more about the atmosphere of praise than the quality of the music.

9. Jesus gives good gifts!

10. Tap taps are prime places to create songs. and are great inspiration for songs.


tap tap, tap tap, tap tap (ow ow ow)

11. The armor of God is powerful & purposeful.

12. God wants to be our friends! It’s that simple!  He wants to be our friends so badly He made a way and when we follow Him, we get to be His friend! He is the best friend!  The gospel is as simple as God making a way to be our friend.  That’s incredible.

13. There are promises to hear from God and grab ahold of.  Time is so much richer with His heart in mind.

14. Fort Lauderdale airport is FREEZING.  And people like to yell what time the gates open while others are attempting to sleep 🙂


“sleeping” in fort laud

15. Dwall’s nick name is now “undawear”.  You can thank Roni.

16. Team life is dream life.


17. Don’t underestimate what God can do – no matter the location! The blind will see is not just a cool saying or idea – it’s real life!

18. Wells are really fun to use – and have the potential to make you soaked!  Also, cement carrying is a great arm work out!


kim & i after a day of working on a house – cement lifting and well aftermath on our clothes!

19. Saying yes to Jesus is ALWAYS worth it. even if circumstances and logic doesn’t line up.  He is trustworthy.

20. Vulnerability leads to righteous view of self and God.  It is always the best way to walk.  Old habits do not define where He wants to take me and the power of God to transform hearts!


haiti transformed long term team with waco team


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