summer 2012 DC stats

15 Aug

today, i arrived back in texas yall after 2 months.  that may seem like a short time for some of you, but it’s the longest i’ve been away from this state since i made the move 5 years ago and it feels strangely right to be “home”. whatever “home” means for me.  tomorrow i will fill my tex-mex requirement of being a texan and make my way back to the beautiful city of waco. seriously, it’s beautiful. before then, here’s a look back at my summer away in the nation’s capitol!


favorite meals: tacklebox grilled cod and grilled squash or sweetgreen bondi salad

favorite treats: sprinkles vegan red velvet cupcake or fro-zen-yo froyo.

metro book reads: The Search for Significance, The Church Can Change the World, Made to Crave, Redeeming Love, The Ragamuffin Gospel, Kisses from Katie – also started Les Mis and Half the Sky.

favorite memorial: MLKjr or WWII at night

favorite street sights: business men riding on scooters (3 total all summer) or people dancing/singing along to headphones while walking

favorite coffee: cafe phillips – iced coffee with coffee ice cubes. watered down ice coffee no more. or the always glorious hot cup of dunkins’.

favorite daily view – capitol. i felt so american!

best metro stop – ballston. only because the first time I got off there, there was a surprise farmers market waiting for me outside of it!

favorite farmers market – i got to 5 this summer but Vienna was my favorite hands down. I think because it was close but had everything I wanted and more!

visitors – mom, kasidy, aunt linda

old friends in new city – ayla, melinda. wish i could have seen sarah, daniel and alex!

favorite touristy thing to do: ferry tours to old town alexandria.. the potomac is beautiful!!!!

favorite bridge: key 🙂 so so so pretty!

favorite surprise celebrity meeting: lauren winner of so you think you can dance season 7!

favorite suburb: bethesda. that is where i found green tea smoothie with bubbles. i was in love.

favorite smithsonian: national gallery of art (i am sad to admit this may or may not have been the only one i got to this summer…)

favorite CKP memory: CJT graduation or night of prep at kitchen during boot camp

favorite airline: JET BLUE. free checked bag, free snacks, free dunkin coffee, and free tv PLUS cupcake wars was playing while i was flying… can you say dream flight right there?


One Response to “summer 2012 DC stats”

  1. Kasidy August 15, 2012 at 11:17 pm #

    I’m glad I got to be a part of this. Especially the food section 🙂 Miss you!

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