what will be your space jam?

23 Mar

If you haven’t seen Kid President’s pep talk on youtube yet, stop reading this and watch it. Now.  Anyone who has been around me knows I have brought it up frequently since my first time seeing it.  I just love it.

I love the idea that something I want to quit right now could be a great victory ahead.  “My space jams” seem scary, big and impossible.  It doesn’t seem like the things I’m doing now will produce to much later.  But I’m glad my space jams are impossible in my own strength.  How right they must be.  For the things I can accomplish on my own doing really won’t accumulate to something that will last.  But the things that God wants to do through me will be remembered for years to come.  They’ll stand testament to the goodness and faithfulness of God to do extraordinary things through ordinary people.

What have you been dreaming up?  What’s the glory story you are dying to see?  Where do you want to quit because it seems too hard and too impossible?

Don’t quit.  The world needs another space jam.  (&a reason to dance)


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