settling on what matters

8 Dec

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I stumbled across a quote one day on Pinterest.  It started as an innocent search for recipes to use my canned pumpkin glory find in Port au Prince and then as Pinterest normally does, it sucked me into the general gazing for much longer than intended.

Back to the quote – May my heart be kind, my mind fierce and my spirit brave.  It resonated instantly and has crept it’s way into my thoughts quite frequently lately.  Living here has forced me to prioritize and start to recognize what matters to me and what doesn’t and if those things line up with the character and kingdom of God.  Although I just lengthened my stay in Haiti, it is still short and the end is coming quickly.  In this season am I recalibrating and landing on healthy rhythms that draw me closer to the heart of God or am I letting days pass by?  My prayer is in the former but I’m finding myself more convinced it’s less about the outcomes and circumstances and more about the attitude of the heart.

No matter where I land I pray my heart stays kind.  That self protection doesn’t build a wall that keeps myself at a distance or hardens my heart from the hardship.  I feel things strongly and sometimes it’s overwhelming.  May I not back away from kindness.  May that be my natural response.

May my mind be fierce.  Always growing, learning, expanding, listening, questioning, active in what’s in front of me.  May it not grow dull or complacent.

May my spirit be brave.  May I face scary things because God says so.  May I try new things and experiences.  Would fear not steal away the full life offered to me.

These pieces, these thoughts, they resonate with me.  No matter where I land or what my surroundings I pray that God in me is transforming my heart, mind and spirit to stay kind, fierce and brave.


One Response to “settling on what matters”

  1. larkandbloom December 10, 2013 at 12:28 pm #

    This is SOOOO good.

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