But Today He Says Yes

27 Jan

Some days, I am a forward thinker and a self-protector.

I lean towards the comfortable, the known.

When I look into the future, anxiety happens when I think about the endless possibilities of what could come.

I don’t want to move forward if I don’t know if it will turn out.  If it will be a success.

That’s risky. Scary. Unknown.

But as I follow Jesus more, the story changes.  His truth becomes real.  Experiences of success when I follow Him become real stories and not just dreams.  Not just other people’s stories.  They become my stories of seeing truth, choosing truth and walking in the goodness that always flows from choosing Him.

I create a history with God every time I choose Him, and that history gives me the courage to say the next yes.

Lately, the anthem of my heart is today God is saying yes.

I don’t know what will happen.  I don’t know if it will turn out.  I don’t know if it will hurt.

But I do know God said yes at the beginning and He’s saying yes today.  And really, that’s the best way to move forward.  Not protecting myself against the what if’s but fully embracing all His yes entails.


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