Bel Ayiti, You’ve Changed Me

22 Feb


Chè Bel Ayiti,

I’ve read in a few different places that many people come to Haiti to change you only to find out that it was in fact Haiti that changed them.  I’m here to bear witness to that statement.  It is Haiti that made me face things I had figured out how to ignore and Haiti that made me wrestle with God about things I had figured out how to stay busy enough to move around.


It is your people who taught me the deep stand of worship and faith, the joy of simple jokes and the value of people.  It is your natural beauty that continually reminded me how big God is, how true He is and how creative He loves to be.  You were created beautifully, Haiti and although not many people see it right away, I’m thankful to have been one to have witnessed.  Your frequent multicolored sunsets, your majestic mountains, your ocean waves and your viewpoint of the stars had me memorized many days.


Your land has seen many hardships though and your people are strong from all they’ve weathered.  Life here wasn’t always the easiest and I found myself stretched many days.  Stretched to love even in frustration, stretched to seek understanding and not stop at miscommunication, stretched to find comfort in places other than material comforts.  Most days I wished I wasn’t being stretched, but I’m thankful for who you’ve helped me become these last 8 months.  More free from fear, a deeper level of vulnerable and calmer, more thankful for a slower, peaceful, simpler life.


You and your people will always have a place in my heart.  A deep thankfulness for how God used you to mark and shape me.  It was in your land and through your people that God spoke in real, deep ways and revealed himself to me.  I pray I leave half the blessing you have given me.

M’ap sonje ou anpil,

Kelc La



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