18 Mar

Living the nomad life this month and finding my heart is scattered.

Sweet, fresh memories of warm days, cheesy jokes & a full narrow life in the beautiful island of Haiti.

Dear friends and an even dearer boyfriend in the familiar, comfortable Waco.

Immediate family in Houston and DC – finding and creating home with people rather than a familiar place.

A new home awaiting me in Boston, where this leap of faith is somehow harder than the last one across the ocean.

And even though my heart is scattered, I’m not physically in any of those places yet.  I’m on the road, living out of the same suitcase I had on the 90 degree island driving into snow storm in the middle of March (did I mention it was 90 degrees for the last 8 months of my life?).  On the road seeing states and cities I’ve never seen before, staying with old friends who have made their own leaps to new lands, making this journey that much sweeter to see old friends show off their new lives.

The topic of transition, moving, new places and home isn’t new.  It’s talked about often as those who experience it try to get what their feeling into words.  That’s what I’ve been trying to do.  Trying to wrap my head around home and how I can have so many yet none at the same time.  How can my heart be in so many places yet my body in none of the above?

Questions of home, comfort, life, people and choices fill my mind as I drive through the gorgeous east coast and I can’t say I’ve landed on much.  The only thing I’ve come to find is how tangible the comfort of Jesus actually is.  That even though my emotions aren’t quite aligning with truth yet, I know that I know that somewhere along the way I’m going to land and I’m not taking this journey to landing alone.  He is with me.  And God suddenly feels like home when it seems I don’t have one.

One of my dear friends in Haiti gave me Skyler and Kim Walker Smith’s new album home before I left and it has been an answer to prayer I didn’t even know I was praying.  Something in me kind of cringes typing about finding my home in Jesus as it seems so over used and cheesy, but the reality of it is becoming my reality.  Home doesn’t have a physical address for me right now, but I’m safe, known, loved by many including God.  And that comfort is starting to be just the clarification I need when my soul craves security in location.


One Response to “home”

  1. larkandbloom April 30, 2014 at 7:14 pm #

    Love it Kelcy.

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