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30 Jul

WOW. wow. wow. wow. I never want to forget this.

love is a deeper season

Love is always a deeper season. Love is expressed as an action and experienced as a feeling. Yet, love has an essence that resists defining in any single way––it encompasses compassion, tolerance, endurance, support, faith, determination and more. Love reaches beyond romance and embraces us in all walks of life. I am convinced that love and the presence of love are year long seasons that we crave. What we were made for. Even in the seasons of change, uncertainty, or complete peace, the seasons of love are always for us. Take heart and just remember that every day, the world will drag you by the hand, yelling “This is important! And this is important! And this is important! You need to worry about this! And this! And this!” And each day, it’s up to you, to yank your hand back, put it on your heart and say “No. This is what’s…

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birthday countdown: 7

21 May

I may or may not adore birthdays. By may or may not, I mean may.  There is no question about how much I love birthdays.  There’s something so great about spending a whole day celebrating my favorite people.  I love celebrations.

I also love reflecting on memories, which I think is why I love my birthday so much.  It’s a day to celebrate a year full of goodness and anticipate what’s ahead.  Jesus has spoken some of the best promises on my birthdays.

I also love countdowns – I love making big deals out of little things, and so counting down drags out one day a little longer 🙂

With all of those things I love with my love of blogging, I’ve decided to do a birthday countdown for the week leading up to one of the best days of the year 😉 I’m going to look at my top 7 memories from this past year.  It has been an incredible year – looking back I think my favorite yet.  If I could put this year into a phrase, I think “why not” would fit best.  There were few inhibitions, lots of new adventures, quite a few faith jumps and beautiful freedom.

Here’s to the top 7 moments of my 21st year of life.

7. May 28, 2011

Why not start off with my birthday last year.  I love quality time. I love Waco. I love my best friends. It was one of my favorite birthdays! Simple with the people I love.

Cafe Capp breakfast

Settlers at Starbucks (Birthday victory to make it better!)

Practically Picaso!

Cheddars dinner and Drive in movies!

This fantastic, full day was completed by a surprise party with lots of friends, games and encouragement the next day! It really was the best. I felt so loved, so celebrated and so known.  My life has been made so rich by the depth of friendship in my life – if you read my blog at all, I’m sure you’ve read that more than you can count, but it’s so true!  It may sound simple, but it was the perfect day.  I just love being around people – especially the ones who have wiggled their way closest to my heart!

kingdom friendship

24 Apr

almost four years ago two potluck roommates and the girl down the hall met playing mafia. little did they know the next years of their life would be an adventure beyond their imagination. they would meet a sarcastic (and hilarious) girl a couple years later who would complete a friendship that couldn’t be written in words. the four girls lived through trial and triumph. together. they learned how to fight for one another, side by side, and across oceans. they learned how to trust God for the others – in mind, emotions and physical safety. they learned how to laugh. they saw lots of tears. but also saw lots of tears turn into joy. and learned how to ask for forgiveness. often. they learned joy in the mundane and how helpful knowing love languages are. they talked about boys, good music and the best smoothie recipes and dreamed kingdom dreams. they dreamed impossible things – family members healed, set free, themselves healed and set free. they dreamed of nations closed and far away, as well as those near by. they wrote enough encouragements to fill atleast 5 mailboxes and took enough pictures for a couple of photo albums. the memories are rich and the depth of friendship incomparable. the last four years have been well spent. see something happens when a friendship has a kingdom base.  when you can dream, believe and fight for major truths.  learning how to adventure with Jesus together helps things click. and although the enemy loves to sneak comparision in there, Jesus is King. and redemption is His business. the pursuit of our hearts is His desire. and four hearts transformed by the redemption of Jesus makes for a friendship that the world cannot produce.  i am thankful for these three. and for the community that has run alongside us these past four years.

thankful ten.

29 Mar

10. funny friends who send awesome potential band cd cover texts. (picture above)

9. coconut milk yogurt. dairy free life goodness.

8. jesus culture i want to know you. anxiety melting jams.

7. ability to learn about something i love. makes 20 page papers so much easier when it’s about my favorite Haiti.

6. warm blankets & friends to keep you up and working.

5. aunt coming into town in the morning just to help.

4. clean free loud dryers in the background meaning clean clothes.

3. tired eyes, but fully alive heart. evidance of abundant life.

2. allergies clearing.

1. list of things i’m thankful for to realign my heart in busy times. the nearness, goodness and favor of Jesus are the things my heart wants to dwell on.


26 Jan

I have an interview tomorrow. I was told;

“You will need to bring an item to help us know you better. It can be anything in which you have placed meaning or has significance to you and be prepared to share that with the committee.”

Those are hard. You’d think it’d be easy. But, no. It is difficult.

My choice?

Sorry if it’s hard to see. It’s a purse – messanger bag style. body is brown corduroy. strap is dark green i have no idea what kind of material. on the outside are the continents of the world, all in different material. the middle picture is of the inside. brown and pink material with golden yellow pockets.

why this bag?

well, it seems to sum up many things about me. in trying to process how to get it all out in the interview, i opted for a blog.

it was a birthday present from one of my best friends this past birthday. the significance of this is more than I got a birthday present. but that it represents so much about the kind of friendships i value and am intentional about. i hate shallow. i hate surface relationships. this present represents so much depth to our friendship. my friend doesn’t just know my name and birthday, but she knows what i really like. she knows my favorite colors, my interests, and my style and spent time thinking about it and creating something that would represent all of it.

i want to be a person of depth. who is intentional about the people in my life and listen. to know what they like and love. to know what gets under their skin and what makes their heart beat. this doesn’t happen by passing them on the street. but by spending quality time. which, lucky for me is my top love language. I LOVE QUALITY TIME. seriously. i feel loved by someone wanting to spend time with me. i’m not picky. i’m very content doing homework together. or reading together. or doing anything. just together.

i am thankful for friendships of depth. other people in my life have gone deep, and shown it differently besides giving me a purse (a purse is the benefit of a fashion design friend ;).

i am thankful for friends who know my chill personality. that i don’t like anything extravegant or sparkly. just down to earth, brown and green. that i love the world. that the continents of the earth and the way they relate and function make me extremely happy.

but really, at the end of the day it just brings me to a humble place. a place that is so humbled by a creator who made me like that. who made me to love the nations of the earth, who made me a very relational person, and who generously placed not one, but multiple people to really live life with and have meaningful relationships. it also humbles me to know that my creator is the deepest friendship of all. that he knows every. single. thing. about me and wants to spend so much quality time with me. he jealously longs for my time. that i would spend with him and get to know him and experience his love. he knows exactly what makes my heart beat and my likes and loves. the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords wants a deep relationship with ME. i am humbled.

although i can’t go deep with every single resident, I can still go past the surface. I can still just function the way God made me – a relational servant. who loves to spend time with the people God has placed around my life. who loves to talk about anything regarding the world and the vastness of it. who seeks out to really know people. not just their name and major, but what they like and what they love.

in honor of a birthday

23 Dec

ahh sweet memories.

happy birthday bot

3 Mar

love you old lady.