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Thankful Thought Thursday

5 Sep

Glimpses of Texas in a small store in downtown Leogane


Fun days with fun new friends


Imagining the stories behind this simple beauty:


Lunch time laughs with these people


Abundant bananas in our backyard


Goats down the street that are hilarious and adorable


Diet coke runs with our driver


Sights like this


And a recent thankful find: Multi-funcitonal mosquito-killer-bat.

Happy Thursday! Hope it’s full of things you’re thankful for!


a thankful heart in the midst of struggle

22 Nov

It’s funny the difference in a year.  I feel like I come to this conclusion a lot, but this year it’s not quite the conclusion I want to make.  Last thanksgiving I spent the morning on a 4 mile run.  This thanksgiving I’ve been in two spots all day.  I had hip surgery last Wednesday and have been out of it since.  It’s 25% weight bearing and crutches for me for the next four weeks, but I know that diligence in this season means the ability to be running next Thanksgiving.  It can get annoying and seem unfair.  Why is it that my body wasn’t made quite right? It’s easy to get in that mode, but thankfully the thankful thoughts become louder and I become overwhelmed with gratitude for doctors who fight for me, for surgeons who do an excellent job and for family and friends who serve me above and beyond what I deserve.  There is always much to be thankful for.  And although my thankful thoughts can get clouded out, praise is in my DNA for my soul knows deep that it is well, God is faithful and it is the master of the whole earth who crafted me in my mother’s womb.  He’s not surprised at what the x-rays found, and He’s not surpised at when it was discovered.  It’s no coincidence that this surgery has just become perfected in the past few years and that I would be in a position in life where taking a week off isn’t that big of a deal.  God is a master orchestrater and nothing is hidden from His plans.  In Him I am secure, I cannot be shaken and with a confident heart I find thanks for many things.

our happy’s too loud

23 Jul


A favorite memory. A favorite picture to capture it all.

1. a hammock hung right by the water off of a dock so graciously shared by a friend.

2. a little nugget who weaseled her way into my heart the day she was born. so much love for that little squeeze and her big bro.

3. the perfect weather to soak up the view of water, hills, and friends speeding away on jet skis and jumping off high docks.

4. the sound of laughter surrounding as strangers who became a family celebrate a year of goodness.

5. the realization that God knows what He’s doing and that He’s faithful.  we were all there for different circumstances. different reasons got us to the staff and brought us that far.  none of us would have planned it that way. but thankfully it wasn’t up to us.

kingdom friendship

24 Apr

almost four years ago two potluck roommates and the girl down the hall met playing mafia. little did they know the next years of their life would be an adventure beyond their imagination. they would meet a sarcastic (and hilarious) girl a couple years later who would complete a friendship that couldn’t be written in words. the four girls lived through trial and triumph. together. they learned how to fight for one another, side by side, and across oceans. they learned how to trust God for the others – in mind, emotions and physical safety. they learned how to laugh. they saw lots of tears. but also saw lots of tears turn into joy. and learned how to ask for forgiveness. often. they learned joy in the mundane and how helpful knowing love languages are. they talked about boys, good music and the best smoothie recipes and dreamed kingdom dreams. they dreamed impossible things – family members healed, set free, themselves healed and set free. they dreamed of nations closed and far away, as well as those near by. they wrote enough encouragements to fill atleast 5 mailboxes and took enough pictures for a couple of photo albums. the memories are rich and the depth of friendship incomparable. the last four years have been well spent. see something happens when a friendship has a kingdom base.  when you can dream, believe and fight for major truths.  learning how to adventure with Jesus together helps things click. and although the enemy loves to sneak comparision in there, Jesus is King. and redemption is His business. the pursuit of our hearts is His desire. and four hearts transformed by the redemption of Jesus makes for a friendship that the world cannot produce.  i am thankful for these three. and for the community that has run alongside us these past four years.

thankful ten.

29 Mar

10. funny friends who send awesome potential band cd cover texts. (picture above)

9. coconut milk yogurt. dairy free life goodness.

8. jesus culture i want to know you. anxiety melting jams.

7. ability to learn about something i love. makes 20 page papers so much easier when it’s about my favorite Haiti.

6. warm blankets & friends to keep you up and working.

5. aunt coming into town in the morning just to help.

4. clean free loud dryers in the background meaning clean clothes.

3. tired eyes, but fully alive heart. evidance of abundant life.

2. allergies clearing.

1. list of things i’m thankful for to realign my heart in busy times. the nearness, goodness and favor of Jesus are the things my heart wants to dwell on.

thankful thoughts 30

30 Nov

i can’t believe this is the last day of thankful thoughts. i can’t believe the richness of friendship in my life. i am thankful. there are so many more people i could have included in these thoughts as well. there is so much and so many to be thankful for. God has been generous. extremely generous. i am blown away by the people who have crossed my path.

to end things off, i figured it’d be appropriate to honor one of my dearest friends. who brought many memories in my time in lincoln and has been a great friend for so many years. i’ve laughed more, i’ve trusted more, and i’ve grown more because i’ve been friends with arica.

arica is a woman of beauty. she loves deeply and fully. she laughs all the time and the most beautiful sound in the world comes out of her mouth as she sings. she is fun, she is dependable to be able to quote most disney movies, she is full of life, she is loyal. she is a great, great friend. anyone who is friends with her can agree. there is nothing like being friends with arica. she will love you and be there for you. she will care about you and listens well. she is generous and always wanting to have fun. and dancing all of the time. she literally dances more than she walks 🙂 bah i feel like i’m saying the same things over and over but she is just so great 🙂 there are few like her and i’m so glad i get to be her friend!! even far away and with long times in between our catch ups. it’s so worth it!

thankful thoughts 29

29 Nov

two weeks of bliss with this sweet friend. i will forever be thankful! there is seriously no one else i’d want to experience rwanda with than with “emo” as the boys like to call her, right by my side. she is a woman with so much depth and wisdom. this is what i wrote for her birthday: happiest of birthdays to my muzungu chum. you are a woman marked by wisdom and pure, genuine love. your adoration for Jesus is something to learn and your servant heart is one that oozes the presence of Jesus. my life is so much richer from being your friend. you were the best rwandan roomie. i am so thankful for you.

i couldn’t say it any better now. she is literally one of the wisest people i have ever met. and her depth with Jesus is so rich. her life is a beautiful reflection of one who is in love with Jesus. she prayed in french for a guy at our hotel, she encouraged the team consistantly, she played mom well with the bag that never ended. literally she had everything all the time! and she is the best quote recorder in the world. it is such a treat to look up the quotes on her blog from time to time 🙂 she is so great at recording memories. and making memories. she lives a full, rich life. ah. so many things i could say about beautiful em. she brings peace and joy and life to everyone around her! she is the best!