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My God loves details.

28 Oct

We Run Because. A passing thought turned into a dream turned into another dream. Within 7 months we have somehow pulled off 2 5Ks, with a little under 300 total runners, raising over $5000 for two deserving organizations running the front lines against human trafficking. By somehow, I mean in the natural and on paper neither of these should have happened. But they did. And they did because I adventure with a faithful Father who is crazy about providing in the details.

After the abundance of just ridiculous provision that just kept happening, I couldn’t help but think “this has to go on the blog!” This just has to be recorded. For days when details seem overwhelming and my faith is low, let this be a reminder that my God loves details and His character never, ever changes. Here are the highlights from the past couple of months:

-A member of our planning team walks into a local restaurant to talk to a manager. When she gets there, all three managers happen to be sitting in a booth having a meeting and invite her to sit with her. They schedule a donation dinner night where they give us 10% of their proceeds on one of their busy nights and look over the fact that we’re just a bunch of random people and don’t have a tax id. The line was out the door that night and the cashier was prompting people asking customers if they were with We Run Because.

-After a month and a half of continual closed doors when it came to timing options, the Monday before the race while brainstorming plan B options we get a lead and find out later that day that we not only have a timing option but it is free and has a way to Waco Friday afternoon.

-The day before we need to pay for t-shirts a girl on our planning team sends me a text with the amount we still need… it’s pretty high. She texts me and then goes into class. While she’s in that class she has a missed call and voicemail which happens to be a company who just got the letter she sent a month ago. They called to let us know they will be putting a check in the mail the next day.

-A local store went on a search for timing equipment for us to use and then gave generously when they found out we didn’t have a prize for the top racers yet.

-Another local store owner happened to be from the hometown of someone on the planning team. Ended up being super interested in the race and gave 25% of profits for a whole day. And put extra receipts in at the end of the day.  And then wrote us a check on top of that.

-A girl on the planning team got to talk to her church in her hometown about the race. The pastor talked about human trafficking to the congregation and people responded generously to give to the effort.

-Morning of the race we find out we’re short 5 volunteers. 20 minutes later, 6 people show up from Belton. They had sent a facebook message saying they were coming but the person they sent it to hadn’t seen it and they had showed up RIGHT when we needed them.

-Again morning of the race a friend was coming to help set up the sound boxes and felt like he should bring his square because we would need it. Little did he know, we did need it and I meant to text him to bring it but had forgotten amidst the other details. Having the square there made shirts and registration so much easier!

-At 8:30 am a girl got a text from her mom praying for the race and it said, “I don’t know the final count of those who signed up so I’m going to guess 153… I pray that each one running represents a slave being freed.” Final runners count: 153.

-A good friend of mine ran the race and hit a wall during due to med complications. Some girls stopped and prayed for her and she was healed. In the middle of a race. #boom

Seriously, those are just the highlights from just this most recent race!!! There are so many more stories!! The ABUNDANT PROVISION of God is mind blowing!!! Let this stir your faith to start dreaming with God, for He who promised is FAITHFUL!


birthday countdown: 2

26 May

2. March 31, 2011. We Run Because.

I wrote this blog about the creation of We Run Because, a charity 5k for the A21 Campaign, but I never really blogged about the outcome.  It was incredible.  We had 111 people run start to finish & raised over $2600 for an awesome organization fighting human trafficking.  It really is incredible when God plants a dream and it goes from dream to reality – this one happened in 2 short months.  I may have started the idea, but I can not take the credit what so ever.  Key people helped me make it possible and as cliche as it sounds – God really did make it happen.  So many tiny details fell into place that should not have happened that quickly.  It went so smoothly – especially since none of us really had much experience with this at all!  The thing I learned: cling to what He will do and not what I can’t do.  It doesn’t matter what you can’t do!  When He speaks say yes.  Even if it doesn’t make sense with circumstances, it is so worth it to jump in faith and watch Him move right before your eyes.

the planning team!

my aunt who came all the way from Boston to help!

my awesome section who came out to run/help

one of my favorite parts is that people wrote why they were running on their shirt! people got so creative 🙂 it’s cool to see why people came out!

the domino effect of freedom.

25 Jan

The word is out.  The announcement has been made. I am indeed planning a charity 5k.  Me.  Of all people, I never thought those words would come out of my mouth.  While it’s exciting and fresh, scary but exciting, I want to explain the reasoning behind it.  On hard days, when road blocks come, you can remind me of this post.  Remind me of the bigger picture when details make it hard to see.

If you know me, you know my life is not the same as it was a year ago.  I have gone through one of the hardest, most grace-filled, old paradigm shattering seasons of my whole life.  I’m still in it, but it’s a little easier to process being 8 months in.  Places of deep shame have been broken, removed and replaced with joy, love and acceptance.  Shame is such a rediculous thing. I like knowing more about what I’m saying, so shame according to is “the painful feeling arising from the consciousness of something dishonorable, improper, ridiculous, etc.”  Talk about scheme of the enemy.  But in the depths of it, it’s hard to see the lies.  I was allowing shame to be my portion, and I started to recognized it but it was hard to shift old thought patterns to align with the truth.  I would repeat Psalm 25:3 to myself – no one who puts their hope in the Lord will ever be put to shame.  But it was such a disconnect for me, I knew to put my hope in the Lord, but how to do that was a different story.

Very long story short, God knew I had no idea.  So He hooked me up.  He took me on the journey and all I had to do was receive and say yes.  Opportunity after opportunity came my way to jump onto a healthy step that would get me closer to breakthrough in a healthy, wholistic way.  Full of community to be there right at my side – something past attempts had purposefully left out due to shame. So the last step I took – running.

Running has always been a source of shame for me. I tire quickly, feel like I can’t do it and comparision is pretty easy in that environment. I avoided it at all costs in elementary school and when I didn’t have to do it for school any more, I absolutely didn’t do it.  I always claimed how much I hated it.  Really, I had allowed shame to say I couldn’t even try it.  So in all this breakthrough, I figured the biggest thing to tackle would be the source of most pain.  So, with faithful friends at my side, I started running.  Really horribly and really slowly at first.  Y’all, I was so excited the first time we ran 10 minutes straight.  This was a huge accomplishment for me. We kept running, kept learning, kept pushing, kept trying.  We tried different intervals, we tried different speeds, it didn’t really matter as long as we just kept trying.  We ran my first 5k race a month and 10 days after our first ever run.  And now we’re training for the bearathon (a half-marathon for those non-baylorites – yikes!).  This journey has been favor-filled.  The things I’ve learned while/from running would make this blog more like a book.

Today’s point – Jesus used running to set me free.  He took the biggest source of shame for me in this area and took me on a journey of defeating it.  Of taking the ground back for Him and His Kingdom.  The joy that comes from finishing a run is unexplainable, and I would have never gotten to experience that if it was still in shame’s backyard.  He broke off old thought patterns while I was running.  It’s a place of conquer. Of victory – both physically and spiritually.  You may ask how running could do that, but for me it was just the place I avoided with eveything in me become of the hurt associated with it.  God isn’t afraid of the mess.  He is after my heart and complete healing.

Since Jesus used running to set me free, I want to partner with Him again and use it to set others free.  I want it to be a place to empower those around me that we can do something now.  I want to use it to raise awareness and have a easy way to get people talking about the atrocities that are happening across the world.  For people to rise up and say there will not be 27 million slaves in 2012.  Not on our watch.  I want people to start talking about solutions and ways to see freedom and hope fill the dark and broken places.  I want to use it to support those who are in the trenches and being the solutions God is aligning and placing on the earth.  I want us to gather behind them and support them financially and prayerfully to help fill one of their needs.  I want it to be a place where a community comes together and celebrates freedom – celebrates the God who brings freedom and fights until it is established in every corner of the earth.

Fight for the places of your heart that need the biggest breakthrough.  Let God heal and take you on that journey.  It’ll be hard, you’ll want to quit, but the outcome outweighs any of the hard moments.  Just say yes and trust that He knows what He’s doing and He has your heart’s interest in mind.  Then buckle your seatbelt and be prepared to be blown away.  He is about to take you on the ride of your life.  To see you set free, and then to use the victory to see others set free.

P.S. There are a TON of organizations fighting furiously for freedom.  The one I’ve chosen for the 5k is the A21 Campaign.  Check out their website and learn more!